Insurance Collection Executives, "ICE", is an industry organization dedicated to supporting the insurance collection professional. While the organization's roots date back more than 40 years, ICE addresses the many challenges faced by today's insurance collection professionals. At the core of the organization is a Board of Directors comprised of committed industry executives, who, like you, recognize the tremendous benefit of this unique industry affiliation. more...
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Poll Date: September 04, 2014
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CL Virtual Roundtable10/08/14
Education Committee Meeting10/09/14
PL Virtual Roundtable10/09/14
Planning Committee Meeting10/14/14
Membership Committee Meeting10/15/14
Benchmarking Committee Meeting10/16/14
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  • Phone Payments - EFT/ACH
  • 1099's for Agency Bill commission
  • ACH Authorizations
  • Audit on Financed Policy
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